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It is used to share news and photos of exhibitions, but above all, to present art works of guests to Contact here or via to get further information on guest artists or their works.

Guest Artists

Ulli Klepalski

Acknowlegded writer and painter Ulli Klepalski is not afraid of strong expression when investigating the deeper layers of the inner self. Such intensity is rare and truly commendable. Follow her uncompromising study into authentic feeling where it is not just nice. And see more works of the artist at

Claudia Geil

Claudia Geil , painter and architect, teaches painting in Bendorf, Germany. She specializes in mixing materials in expressionistic abstractions. Enjoy the four works, she endowed us with, and see more at

Brigitte Spanblöchel

Highly sophisticated painter Brigitte Spanbloechel-Glass connects us to a virtually haptic intensity of color. Feel the emotion... and see more at Most of her works are also available as art prints, contact at her link for more detail ...

Margit Schmidt

Bass player, composer, web artist : Margit Schmidt never stops to surprise.